The SO Fine Story

Established in 2018, SO Fine Jewelry emerged from a loss. Designer & co-owner Max Court was hit by a drunk driver in 2016 while at work, and was no longer able to work in his labor intensive field. Thankfully, he witnessed the passion and excitement in the piercing industry through his wife and co-owner, Mariel.

Mariel began piercing in 2008, opening her own studio Agave in Bloom just one year before Max's accident. The opportunity to be creative, self-employed, and impactful led Max back to school to learn a new trade, launching the business from his one car garage and often working through the night.

The first SO Fine Jewelry studio from Max's one car garage.

Snapshot of the first SO Fine Studio

At the time, the piercing industry was experiencing growing pains due to a rapid influx of new piercing studios and the piercing culture suddenly becoming more socially acceptable and mainstream. Jewelry manufacturers were struggling to keep pace with the growing demand, so in this growing field, Max knew he had the perfect opportunity to support his wife's studio, the piercing industry at large, and to explore a new avenue of creativity and expression in the world.

Since launching the business, Max's designs have shown up in studios worldwide. His family has grown by one son (Theo), two dogs, three cats, and at least 18 chickens. Handcrafting jewelry reawakened the child in Max - allowing his lighthearted side to create interesting, fun designs that make people happy!

He particularly loves the opportunity to create custom designs. Often, these custom requests are created as a memoriam for lost loved ones. That little piece of intentional artwork gets to serve as an encouragment and reminder of love for a lifetime. What greater impact is there?

From left to right: Saywer, Mariel, Oliver, Max, & Theo
The Court Family